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Losing a Parent When You Were a Child

I have released my book, “A Texas Tragedy:  Orphaned by Bootleggers.”  The book is a memoir of my healing process from the loss of both of my parents, by death, when I was a young child.  It is an ebook and can be found at Bookbaby  and Amazon.

I have started a new site called ChildhoodLoss.COM and will be offering a series of classes called:  Healing From the Loss of a Parent as A Child.

This creation is to help other adults who lost a parent when they were a child because I wish someone had travelled the path before me and shown me the way. My hope and wish is your time of healing is shorted by my experience. That will mean you love yourself sooner.  You have compassion for yourself sooner.  You change your patterns, that came from that loss, sooner.

Adults who lost a parent when they were a child suffer.  Some suffer from lack of confidence and lack of support.  Everyone has patterns from their childhood.  Those of us who lost a parent as a child share many of the same patterns.  Some patterns are behavioral where we continue to act the same when in our heart of hearts, we do not want to behave that way.  Or it can be feelings that we hide from the world.  Those feelings make us, in some way, feel less than.

It started with your loss of a parent when you were a child.  You can lose a parent by abandonment, abuse, addiction, adoption, death, divorce, indifference, military deployment, prison and sickness.

Most people want to leave that loss and their story behind.  Most who lost a parent, deep down, know they are affected.  But they don’t know what to do about it.

My classes can be taken in the comfort of your own home.  You will learn and use strategies to peer into those patterns from a safe place where change can occur.  The classes will be directed towards recognizing your patterns and changing them through conscious intent.  They are coming soon!

If you are aware of a pattern you have from the loss of a parent as a child, please go to my ChildhoodLoss site and leave a comment.  Anyone can sign up for my blog from that site.



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