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I have been working for numerous years on a program to help people heal from their childhood wounds of losing their parent when they were a child.  The loss of a parent as a child has staggering consequences.  I’m calling my program, “Healing From Childhood Loss.”  You may know that I was orphaned at 19 months and that spurred my interest in this work.

Patients have come in and ask when my program will start.  Actually, my website started in September 2016, where I write a blog every week.  If you go to my website and give me your name and email (by signing up), you will be sent the blog every week.  I’ve been writing the blog while I’ve been putting the classes together.  And now, MY CLASSES ARE READY!  It starts Wednesday.

If you go to and sign up, on Wednesday you will receive the first video that will introduce you to my classes.

And, if you would be so kind as to help me, I would appreciate it.  You can help me by spreading the word. I don’t have to tell you that I’m not at the beginning of my career.  Far from it.  I can’t say for sure if this will be offered again, so anyone who needs this work needs to find out about it now.  I’m 68 and I’d like to offer it a multiple times, but we never know about tomorrow.  If you could help others, who need these classes, find me, I would appreciate it. How?  Here are some ways.

  • When the link to the videos are sent to you, you can put it on social media.
  • If you know of anyone who might be interested, you can send them the link.
  • If you know someone you would like to get a postcard, just send me an email with their name and address, and I’ll drop them a postcard.

My childhood pain shouldn’t be wasted when it can be used to help others with their pain.  I am so very fortunate to have patients who allow me an intimate look into their lives.  Our conversations gave me a greater and greater desire to pursue these classes.

I am teaching the class based on my experience which you can find in my book, “A Texas Tragedy:  Orphaned by Bootleggers.”

Thank you for helping people find me!

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