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Re-Generative Farming

It had to happen.  And it IS happening.  

Re-generative agriculture is a word that will be getting more and more popular and more and more attention.  The earth is so fabulous that these farmers can turn their farms around in pretty much a year.  

Farmers are at risk for getting the money they need to run their farms. Farmer’s are at risk for losing top soil too.  But why listen to me?  I’m not a farmer.  But I have treated many people that food has injured.  So I am thrilled to hear about the regenerative farming practices.

This link connects to a page with a video by Dr. Zach Bush. Scroll down the page says “watch film.” Farmers’s are speaking. And we need to listen. This movement will grow because we all like to eat.   My hat is off to Dr. Zach Bush for his efforts in health care as well as farming.  He saw the light and is helping others to see it too.

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