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Refreshing Nature

School is out, and summer is here.  It is time to re-charge your batteries.  I’ve been in the mountains in Ouray and Durango.  We live on a big beautiful earth.  The city is so crowded but when I look at the space in the mountains, I’m struck with awe.  It is gorgeous.  It is big. It can be treacherous.  The earth is to be respected.

We get so busy with our daily life that you might forget what a beautiful world we live in.  Just a walk through a park or looking up in the sky at the beautiful cloud formations reminds you of the beauty in our lives.  I won’t stay in the mountains, but I will bring my refreshed mind and body back to the city.

If life gets you down, go to the mountains or to the ocean or to the plains of West Texas.  Go to the area that refreshes you.  Do it and come back refreshed!  Happy Summer!!

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