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Have you been feeling stressed out? If you haven’t you are probably in the minority. It is great if you can keep your perspective during times of social distancing and fear of contagion. Kids are out of school. We have lost our routines, Typically, we feel very safe within our routines as we know what is going to happen.

The world has changed. We do not know how long it will be before we know our new normal. The Buddhist say there is one thing for certain, and it is change. So this too will pass.

Be kind to yourself going though this transition. It is thrust upon us. We have to adapt.

Three rules: 1) exercise and that includes deep breathing, 2) pamper yourself and 3) allow yourself to have your emotions. Just avoid getting stuck in your emotions. This might be an opportunity for you to rest, connect in a deeper way with your children, call people you have meant to call but never have time to call, learn new recipes or get your crafts out. Do what you always wish you had time to do!

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