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For those of you who are good gardeners, spring means planting a garden. True gardeners just love it. I have to admit, I am not a gardener. I wish I were, but I am afraid of worms and I don’t like to get my hands dirty either.

Nevertheless, if you are a good gardener, my prediction is that you will be a priceless commodity in the future. If you have a big enough garden, you can plant for the neighborhood and make money while doing it, especially if you are an organic gardener. Look into who own the food businesses in the US. And have you noticed like 11 food processing plants have burned down since the beginning of the year.

Some years back I said, we will once again have victory gardens. And I still believe it. I have learned to appreciate good fresh organic food. I want to keep my body healthy with organic food. If you are a gardener, there are a lot of people like me. Perhaps you can do this as a side business? Or just be helpful to your friends. I’m afraid that in this decade, food will get scarce. Plan for your family.

When I was a kid on the farm, my Grandpa planted a field full of corn, a field full of green beans, and a field full of black-eyed peas. We canned beans and peas. We made it a family affair. My aunts and cousins would come. We ate all winter on those vegetables. If you know how to can, don’t get rid of your canning skills. And some prefer freezers. Let’s think ahead and plan for our food survival.

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