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State of Medical Care

I hope you will listen to this video. Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Marty Makary’s about his book, “The Price We Pay: What Broke American Health Care–and How to Fix It.” He is a surgeon at John Hopkins and speaks to why the health care system is broken. He says doctors know the nudges to get patients to do what they want them to do. However, he also talks about how patients should take responsibility for not accepting an antibiotic when the doctor says it is a virus. It works both ways: doctors should not do things to patients that are unnecessary AND patients should not demand treatment that is not necessary.

He polled medical doctors and they said 1/5 of the treatments done on patients are unnecessary. He also said that hospitals are really wanting to build spinal surgery centers because they are so lucrative, not because they care about people in pain. He asked spinal doctors how many spinal surgeries are done that are not necessary. You will be surprised at the answer.

He says primary care is completely broken! As he says, we have a health care CRISIS!

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