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Stem Cells

It is fabulous when we can use our own cells to heal our body. That is what stem cells do. I don’t offer stem cells in my practice, but because my patients might need them, I like to learn about them.

Here is a link to a docu-series about stem cells. You can learn from all of the professionals they have gathered to give you the latest and greatest about stem cells. Of course, they would like you to buy their series, but you don’t have to. You can watch from your computer so if the need ever arises, you will already be educated on stem cells. I’m sure the information will come in handy at some point.

People use stem cells for all kinds of health problems, but what do the professionals suggest? Maybe someday stem cells will be covered by insurance as the stem cell treatment might cost $5000 while a knee replacement costs far more. If politicians really wanted to solve the health care crisis, there are ways. Keep this information in your back pocket for yourself, or a friend or a family member.

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