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Is Your Posture Affecting Your Health?

People watching is an interesting business, especially in the summer.  The beach is the best, but anywhere will do.  Watch people as they walk, and their posture will talk to you.  You can tell if they are in pain while walking.  You can tell if their head juts forward or if one shoulder is higher than the other.  It is one thing to see it in others.  But look in the mirror.  Do you have postural distortions?

As I tell my patients, let’s look at the long-term picture.  It isn’t just about what is happening today, but we want to have good posture in 20 years from now.

Like Roger Dangerfield (for those who might remember him), posture gets no respect.  There are many studies that correlate posture with health.  Your posture speaks volumes.  And to change it takes work.  As long as you are healthy, doing a little work on your posture each day will pay off dividends.

So today, look in the mirror and notice your posture.  You might even take a photo of yourself.  Over time, continue to notice and see if you can make corrections.  You change posture through strengthening the stretched muscles and stretching the tight muscles.  If you need help to determine what those are, come in and see me!