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There are so many things you can do for yourself at home.  Today I am going to remind you of a few.

Doing these will take only a few minutes and will reap benefits.

  • As you are standing, squeeze your butt cheeks together ten times. If you have a chronic low back, do it about every hour.  Great opportunities are while standing in line to pay for groceries, filling the car with gas and washing dishes.  But don’t forget, you can do it while sitting too.
  • Find your rolling pin in the kitchen. Use it on your body, rolling the muscles.  Generally, you massage toward the heart, no matter where you are on the body.  I find so many people have tight legs.  Start at your Achilles and go up toward your hip.  If your hips are tight, you can roll them too.
  • I read a study once that said the number one habit over years and years that led to good health was deep breathing. Let the breathing begin.  When you breathe in, your stomach should go out.  When you breathe out, your stomach should go in.  Your shoulders stay still.  All the action is in the abdomen.  Stop once a day and just practice breathing!
  • Be Happy! There is nothing more healing than happiness.  You may think you can’t create it, but you can.  For proof, just be around a small child, a sweet animal or put on some music that makes you want to dance!  Practice smiling!

Often, we forget to do small things to help us feel better because our focus is out there in the world instead of inside our body.  Be serious about doing these.   Print this page off or write these down on a notecard and put them on your bathroom mirror or your refrigerator as a reminder.  Don’t wait for pain to be your reminder!

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