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We have a good deal of attention focused on our nails these days. Nails become more of a health issue as we get older and especially if a person is diabetic.  

As people get older and are limited in bending and reaching their toes, the nails become more problematic.  Toenails are often very hard to cut.  Often their nails have fungus. Older people might not see well enough to be cutting their toe nails.  And it is very important to avoid infection of the area around the nails, meaning proper nail trimming is essential.

As for younger people who love the fake nails or even just polish, it isn’t a bad idea to give the nails a breather once in a while.   At least here in Denver, we aren’t wearing sandals in the winter, so it is a good time to give the toenails a break from the polish.   Once a year, for a month, just let the nails be natural!