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Are You Taking An Acid Blocker?

One of the most popular drugs prescribed is for acid reflux. The nutritional research showed, even when I was in chiropractic school, that as we grow older, we produce less and less stomach acid. Remember when you were a kid and threw up? Remember how that acid burned? If you are over 40 and throw up, I’ll bet you don’t feel nearly as much acid. If not, then you have decreased the amount of acid you produce.  We need our acid to digest our food. Could it be other culprits that are causing the distress we associate with acid reflux?

If you are taking an acid blocker, you are more likely to have a heart event and more likely to die from it. That is what the research shows.  Try other avenues, if at all possible, as this is a wonderful world we live in and we want to enjoy it!

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