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You may have heard the term “toxicity” thrown around but do you really know what it means when referenced to the body? We know if a relationship is toxic, it means it isn’t good for us. The same is true for the body. If what you take in from food, air or even negative thoughts are not good for you, they are toxic to you. When we are sick or achy, it is often because our tissues are filled with toxins. Maybe you have bacteria, but what makes you feel so bad is the toxic load that bacteria has given you. Even bacteria have waste products and guess who is getting to deal with the toxins: you!  In my nutritional approach I strive to rid the body of organisms: bacteria, virus, parasites and fungus. And let’s not forget the heavy metals too. And as my patients can attest, when you are clean from these on the inside, you feel pretty good inside and out! Please leave a message about your experience relieving your body of toxicity!

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