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Wellness, for most people, is a goal.  It is fun to be alive when you feel well.

Years ago, in China, the doctor (probably acupuncturist and herbalist) was paid when the patient was well and not paid when the patient was sick.  They made money only if they kept the patient well. What would happen if we started that practice here?  The problem is medicine has turned into “managing your problem,” instead of curing much of anything.  Take a child with asthma.  You can see their life in the future.  Yes, some will not go the medicine route, but many will be on medication for the rest of their lives.  That is “managing their illness.”  They mean managing it with drugs.  For me, I want to give my body a chance to heal the issue, not cover it up.  What about you? I’ve mentioned the book, “The Vitamin C Miracle,” before. Read all about doctors CURING bad illnesses with vitamin C. It is shocking what we do when that is available.

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