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Your Immune System

You know how some days you just feel good.  You might describe it as, “I’m on the top of my game.”  Then other days, you just aren’t feeling your best.

Remember that all kinds of bugs like bacteria, virus, parasites and fungus are opportunistic organisms.  That means, they will take advantage of you any time they can.  That virus might be a dormant in your body, but you party like there’s no tomorrow, you stay up late at  night, you drink too much of everything, you go on a sugar binge and then you wake up one day wondering why you feel so bad.  Those bugs used their opportunity to get you while you are down.  And down you feel.

When you are sick, you don’t have to eat, but you must drink.  You need to rest.  You need to be in bed before 10 pm every night.  No sugar, no dairy, and no flour.  Rest your body.  Add lemon to your drinking water.  Take my detox bath.


Stay worm.  When you start feeling better, do not go 100 miles per hour.  Easy does it.  Let your body take its time because when you have a relapse, it is always worse than the first time.

Enjoy the holidays and don’t become a bug’s big opportunity!!

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