Weekly Health Tip

  • Cleaning the Body of Organisms!

    September 19, 2017

    Most physical problems have some origins in organisms.  Organisms are bacteria, virus, parasites and fungus.  The origin of many problems is hidden by organisms as well as heavy metals.  They just muck the picture up causing confusion.  No matter what your complaint, clean your body out first.  Then, and only then, can you see what your body is trying to tell you.

    If you decide to redecorate, you don’t go in with the decorator while your teenage children are having a dance party in the room.  In fact, usually, you might wait a few years until they are out of the house.  All is quiet.  Now is the time to take your decorator into your room that needs a face lift and make plans for redecorating.

    While your body is carrying around bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites, you might not be able to understand the communication from your body.  If you listened to the video series, “The Truth About Cancer,” most of the doctors interviewed mentioned the necessity of clearing the body of these organisms and heavy metals.  It is a first step.

    In my way of thinking, keep the body clean on the inside, just like you do on the outside so there is little possibility of organisms creating all kinds of havoc that looks like pain syndromes and diseases.

    Even though heavy metals are not an organism, I also throw them into the pile that needs to be cleared from the body.  Then you can feel as clean on the inside as you do on the outside.  When clean, there is less chance for your body going awry.  And you might ask what about the good bacteria?  The good bacteria grow exponentially when the bad bacteria and its equally undesirable friends are out of the picture.

    I work to keep people off of medications by cleaning the body on the inside.  Come see me!

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