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If there is a direction you can’t move or if you hurt when you move, you have a fascial problem. Fascia is a covering for your bone, your blood vessels, your organs, your nerve fibers as well as your muscles. When you have inflammation in your body, it acts almost like a glue. And that is what causes scar tissue. The scar tissue holds two areas together. You can think of it like your arm and a shirt. If they were sewn together, every time you moved your arm, the shirt would hold back some of your movement. And that is why connective tissue like the fascia is so important. Anytime someone cannot move well or without pain, there is likely a fascial problem. If you want to learn to move better very quickly, go to This is an exercise program geared to the fascial system of the body. You get 2 weeks free so just start doing the exercise. There is a strong possibility that you will fall in love with these exercises. Don’t blame me!

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