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Is it possible you are Vitamin B 12 deficient?

If you have any kind of neurological problem such as numbness, you might ask your doctor for a prescription of methylcobalamin, or vitamin B 12.  The best way to get it is to give yourself a shot.Just see if it will help your issue.

In my office, I have an article that says vitamin B12 was given some years ago for joint pain, and very successfully.  Most older people have joint pain.  Why not give it a try?  Make sure it is the right form of B 12, methylcobalamin.   And don’t forget that people often have more energy when they take the B 12 shots.

There are no negative side effects of having too much vitamin B 12 so you don’t have to worry about that.  As we age, often our digestion isn’t as efficient, meaning we don’t make B 12 as well as we did when we were younger.  But in this day and age, it doesn’t mean you have to live with that deficiency.   You will have to get a prescription to give yourself the shots.  Be persuasive!  After all, we only have one body.  Gotta take care of it!

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Water please!

Last week, I gave a link to the series on Alzheimer’s.  The link didn’t work correctly, and I apologize.  Here is the one that works.

We are in the midst of the hot days of summer.  It is easy to get dehydrated.  Did you know that the number one reason for kidney stones is not drinking enough water? Water is necessary.  Pure water.  If you have ever had a kidney stone, I won’t have to beg you to drink enough water.  They can be very painful.

When I go into a convenience store, there are so many drinks from which to choose.  Water is the best.  Adding a few squeezes of lemon juice can be helpful when you are home or in a restaurant.  And if you are inflamed you can add about an ounce of sugar free cherry juice or sugar free pomegranate juice to a tall glass of water.  They are refreshing drinks when you are sitting on the deck in the summer. ENJOY!

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As we get older, we make adjustments to our age.  We don’t eat that anymore, or we don’t drink that anymore and we don’t exercise the same way anymore.  Some things go by the wayside as we travel through life.  One thing we ALL hope does not go by the way side is our brain.  No one wants dementia.

I feel the nutritional work I do eradicating the body of organisms and heavy metals is one way to help preserve our brain power.  I want and need all I can get.

We are so fortunate today with the internet.  You can look up any condition you hear about.  And sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes not.  You still might not know what to do.  What if you had some of the all-star doctors who have worked with Alzheimer’s in your living room discussing their findings.  Wouldn’t that be great?   They can tell you what they find works, what doesn’t work and the latest research as you are snacking on blueberries and watermelon!

It is a docuseries and you can find it here. It starts on July 23.  Give them your email and you will be sent one video each night for the series.  Learning something new is one way to protect your brain and here is an opportunity!  Click Here



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Bone Broth

For years now, bone broth has been a hot topic in the holistic arena.  You may have read about using bone broth for many problems.  It didn’t take long until there were products for sale because, you know, making bone broth isn’t a 5-minute procedure. People have brought bone broths into my office for me to test and I’ve gone to the health food store to test bone broths and frankly, I rarely found one that tested well.  I’ve come to the conclusion bone broth is like many other things:  it is better if you make it yourself.

It is pretty simple if you have a crock pot.  I suggest for those who need to consume bone broth, if you can drink ½ cup a day, you will be doing well.  My number one requirement for bone broth is that the bones be from organic sources as much as possible.  I suggest rotating the bones.  One week make bone broth with the bones of chicken.  The next week, with the bones of beef and the next week, lamb.  You get the picture.

Gather the bones and put in a crock pot and cover with water.  If you have large bones, you might cut them.  Don’t forget to add the juice of a lemon.  You can add celery, carrots, and other vegetables for flavor if you desire.  When the broth is cooked, strain everything out.  Fill pint jars with the broth and let it cool before refrigerating and/or freezing.  You will prefer the taste of your homemade broth!

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On Fire!

Colorado is literally on fire!

When our skies are full of smoke, patients come in with the fire flu.  They don’t feel so good and know that it comes from the smoke in the air.

If you remember when Yellowstone was on fire, they took a sample of the air and found that there was mercury in the air.  But how did it get there?

Any metal processing, medical waste, mining gold and incineration of coal are major contributors to the environment.  Don’t forget atmospheric mercury too.  It comes from volcanoes and deposits of mercury.  All of these sources land on the ground.  When it rains, the mercury is taken into the soil where it goes into the roots of the trees.  Over time, the mercury goes into the trees.  When the tree is on fire, the mercury transforms into a gas.  We breathe it.  Scary huh?

With fire flu complaints, the most common finding is mercury.  The body wants something to pull the mercury. Most often it is Camu, Takesumi, or a mineral mix like Trace Mins or Biomins.  If you need help, give me a call.

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Refreshing Nature

School is out, and summer is here.  It is time to re-charge your batteries.  I’ve been in the mountains in Ouray and Durango.  We live on a big beautiful earth.  The city is so crowded but when I look at the space in the mountains, I’m struck with awe.  It is gorgeous.  It is big. It can be treacherous.  The earth is to be respected.

We get so busy with our daily life that you might forget what a beautiful world we live in.  Just a walk through a park or looking up in the sky at the beautiful cloud formations reminds you of the beauty in our lives.  I won’t stay in the mountains, but I will bring my refreshed mind and body back to the city.

If life gets you down, go to the mountains or to the ocean or to the plains of West Texas.  Go to the area that refreshes you.  Do it and come back refreshed!  Happy Summer!!

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What Has Changed

Life was so different when I was a child.  I remember Grandpa lying in the hospital bed when his cardiologist came into his hospital room.  His doctor sat on the side of his bed while they both smoked a cigarette and talked. Times have changed.

And times are continuing to change.  Please take advantage of the information available about vaccinations.  Are they necessary?  Do they do harm?  Make the best decisions for you and your children.  There is a lot of information.  Just read one book or listen to one docuseries about the problems with vaccinations.  Then make your decisions.

One issue is that when I was a child, I did not get a vaccination until I was 6 years old.  I remember the day because that meant I could go to school like my big sister.  I think I only got two vaccinations.  Now your child is scheduled for 72 if they get all the powers that be would like them to have.  Just think about the assault to the body.

If nothing else, go to the Facebook site for Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice group. Learn statistics.  Go to my Facebook page for my office.  I posted an article that says autism is caused by the macrophages delivering the aluminum in vaccinations to the brain.

The drug companies are not held responsible for any negative effects from vaccinations.  Once that happened, the number of vaccinations keeps mounting, requiring more and more and more.  Wonder why?  Follow the money.  Watch the docuseries.  Call me and I will give you the names of a few books.  Most importantly:  educate yourself!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mom’s out there.  Never worry about your place in your child’s heart.  You have left your mark.  In fact, you are never as close to anyone as your mom because, at one time, you shared the same body.  For nine months, you shared your mom’s chemistry, you shared your mom’s feelings during her pregnancy and you became attached to your mom’s voice.  In the womb, you heard her speak because sound travels through bone.  The baby has to leave the womb, so how does the baby continue to feel attached to the mom after birth?  It is through the mother’s voice.  Once born, you might notice a baby’s eyes following the mom’s voice.  Although they don’t know, “that is my mama,” they are energetically attached to her voice after birth, much like an invisible cord. The process of attachment, leaves me in awe!  No wonder so many people say they are so close to their mother.

Mother’s, enjoy your special day.  Being a mother is, in many ways, a thankless job.  And at the same time, there is no feeling like the love for a child.  I’ve told many parents, “you didn’t become a parent to get your ego stroked.”  We laugh. No, a parent has to stand tough. When the baby is small, it is, oh so sweet.  For most of us, as teenagers, we gave our parents a run for their, shall I say, sanity? Growing up is no small task.  One of my friend’s child asked, when is child’s day?  For the mama, it is every day!  This weekend, make your mothers day special!