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A Choice for Health!

I hope you were fortunate enough to watch the series “The Truth About Cancer,” that I linked you to in a previous health tip. If you did, then you realize why I do the best I can in my practice to rid our bodies of subclinical bacteria and viruses with supplements and diet.  About 18% of cancers are caused by infection while genetics causes between 5-8% of cancers. The take home: we are ahead of the game when we keep the insides of our bodies clean from infection.  Even the smallest change matters. If you know you need to eat better, take one small step at a time. You can make small changes that your body will thank you for such as quit drinking sodas (first go down on quantity until you can completely quit), quit eating processed food, or eliminate artificial sugars. There are so many small things you can do to improve your health. What change are you willing to make? Leave a comment below with the change you will make this spring. And remember, Good Health is Priceless!!

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