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Staying Healthy in 2020!

Stay tuned to my health tips in 2020.  I am going to introduce you to therapies you can do at home or in someone’s office.  At this point in time, as much as possible, it is important for you to do for yourself as much as you can.  Why?  There are problems in health care.  Problems with medications.  If you had an alternative that you could use in your own home, would you be interested in pursuing it?  

You may wonder how I stay healthy when I treat people who are sick all the time.  I do self-care to keep me from getting sick and I am going to share that with you in 2020.  I feel like staying healthy is a big job these days.  And it is one of our most important jobs because unless we are healthy, it is hard to enjoy your life.

So come on this ride with me and I will show you how to stay well in a sick world. Invite your friends. Welcome aboard.

Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in 2020!!  Happy New Year!

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