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Do you have itchy eyelids? Do you or your children often have eyelid irritations like styes? Sometimes our eyelids are puffy or feel crusty. Women, do you feel like your eye make-up irritates your eyelids? (if it does, bring your make-up to me and I will test it.)

Whether they are irritations, allergies or infections, our eyelids need a little love. This product will help with these issues. In fact, if you use these tissues, you might say goodbye to those issues.

The product is an eye wipe that uses tee tree oil and coconut oil. It feels good. And no, it doesn’t burn. Even your children will like it.

If your child comes home with pink eye or a stye or you feel your eyelid is irritated from your makeup, before you go to bed, use this wipe. If you need to, you can use it everyday. Ahhh…relief! Please, let me know how you like this product.

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