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My First Podcast

Not long ago I gave a talk at a club meeting. In the audience was Cheryl Ilov. I was impressed as she practices martial arts. She has her black belt! She has written a book about staying fit after 50. By the looks of her, she could definitely educate us on being fit as we grow older.

She also has a website called, The FemiNinja Project which is dedicated to restoring human dignity and helping us unleash our personal power. That sounds good to me!

Cheryl asked me to be on her podcast. In this podcast, I talk about healing from childhood loss. I lost both my mother and father one night when I was 19 months old. My Grandparents stepped in and became parents to my sister and me and gave us a good life on the farm in West Texas. But there was a great big elephant in our living room. We couldn’t talk about the death of my parents! We didn’t have any help. I talk with Cheryl in this podcast about healing from my childhood loss. Please pass this along to those it will help. One in nine children lose a parent when they are a child. Shocking isn’t it?

Cheryl is the lovely woman on the right in this photo and you can see her book, “Forever Fit and Flexible.” Just look at her! We all want to look like that!

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