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Many people are working from home.  We see comics about being in your robe all day.  It is a good laugh.  It is important to treat yourself well, even if you can’t get it done professionally, like your brows and nails.  Just remember to consider yourself as if you had never heard of Covid.  Yes, our world is different, but our body needs some TLC whether we are dressing for work or not.  Everyone has a different idea of what that TLC might look like.  

One person has lost 20 pounds because she decided to just eat fruits and vegetables and exercise more as she has quarantined.  I thought, “I wish I had thought of that.”  Another person said there are pros and cons with remote working, but that she did not get the same quality of self-care when she worked at home.  

Think about the things you can do to increase your health this summer instead of the things we can’t do (go to Red Rocks concerts, etc).  It doesn’t have to be a massive change, 20 minutes of meditation a day, 20 minutes of walking a day, changing up your diet, giving yourself 20 minutes a day to read a book, taking your detox bath at night and many others.  The little things we do all add up.  Let’s do addition this summer!!

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