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Do You Need a Change?

Summer is here!  At least almost.  Flowers are blooming.  Fresh vegetables are filling the marketplace.  There are many farmer’s market’s around the city to choose from.  If you are so inclined to try a vegan approach to diet, I think this is a good time of year to give it a whirl.  There will be so many fruits and vegetables to choose from. 

There are many approaches to diet.  We all have our personal preferences.  However, if you have a health problem, why not change your diet and see if that will give you positive results.  Just try something different.  

Vegan is a good choice because it is anti-inflammatory.  If you have bad arthritis, just leave off the night shades.  What I am suggesting is to try something you haven’t tried before.  And since summer is here, why not try lots of fruits and vegetables for the next three months and see how you feel.  Get some blood work.  Are your markers better?

If you don’t want to be vegan, then change your diet in another way.  Change is the operative word.  You are on a mission looking for health!

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