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Today’s Medicine!

Last week, in my health tip, I questioned, why the establishment suggests taking flu shots if Tamiflu, taken within 48 hours, is effective for the flu?  I admitted I had not investigated the side effects.  I started getting emails from my patients who knew more about Tamiflu than me.  Yes, there are problems with Tamiflu, big problems.  Just google.  Poor people who simply just wanted to get over the flu!

In this day and age, you don’t take a prescription without looking at the side effects.  In fact, one of the reasons I practice as I do is because many people simply do not do well with drugs.  No matter what the drug, they have some reaction to it and therefore, they found me.  They still get sick, still need help, and know that they never do well on a drug.  And I love helping people get well with God’s medicine.

Having been in practice over 30 years, I remember patients telling me their doctor’s concern over them taking my herbs.  And yet, today, in Dr. Mercola’s blog, he talks about how medical errors are the third leading cause of death (ouch!).

And, he also says that money has corrupted the medical research so much that 90% of the research that doctors rely on is flawed or incorrect.  Doesn’t that sound impossible?  It is supported by one of the foremost experts on medical research credibility.  SIGH!

If you are one of my patients who comes to see me because medications are just not your friend, count your blessings.  When you know you can’t rely on medications, you will learn to rely on God’s pharmacy we commonly call food, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and sunshine!  Do I have a great job?  Yes, I love it!

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