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Statins Revisited

Do you ever gasp as information crosses your desk?

This week, I read, “27% of adults take statins.”

And then I wondered, do they know the research?  In case one of my readers is not familiar with the research:

*If you have higher cholesterol after 70 years of age, you have a better chance of avoiding Alzheimer’s

*On the label of the cholesterol meds, it says it is not good for the brain.

*If you take statins, you have a 49% greater chance of becoming a type 2 diabetic

*Taking a statin quadruples your chance of Alzheimer’s.

*The statistics are known.  If there is a room full of 100 people taking statins, the statin will help one person.  Thirty to forty percent of the people, get the negative side effects of the statins.

Information is knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Everyone gets to make their choice!

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