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Armpit issues?

You might be surprised how many people have problems with their underarms.  They either hurt, itch, break out, have cysts, or stink, but you get the point.  So perhaps it is time to detox your armpits!

Since you were about 12 years old, every day you have put something under your arms.  It might be deodorant or an antiperspirant.  Years ago, I put powder on top of my deodorant.  Look at the ingredients in the products that have hit our underarm!  Maybe those products are the cause of the itching, burning, breaking out and stinking of the underarms.

I lived on a farm with my Grandparents who were born in 1893 and 1895.  My grandpa was a farmer and I remember, when I was a teenager, a conversation I had with my granny.  She told me when she was a young mom, they took baths on Saturday night.  I asked her, you mean Grandpa would farm all day and come in and go to bed without taking a bath?  She said yes.  I asked her, “didn’t he stink?”  She said she had no memory of it.

You see, before eating processed food with lots of chemicals, our sweat didn’t stink. Before being so stressed out that our hormones are off, our sweat didn’t stink.  Sweating is one way we get rid of the toxins in our body.  When the total load of toxins is very low in the body, if there is a smell, it would be very little.  Now, let’s go forward to today.  Yes, most people put some product on their armpits.  It is modern day life.

Going forward, after your underarm detox, be careful of the products you use under your arms.  Avoid unsafe or toxic products!  That means that you will use a natural product as a deodorant.  It took me buying product after product to find one I liked.  I don’t like the perfumed ones.  I like ones with no scent.  If you have tried without success to find a product that you could use and you like, please send me an email or call.  I have a few that are my faithfuls!

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