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Skin Health

There are so many good programs streaming these days like “The Truth About Cancer” and “Vaccines Revealed.”  Both of those programs emphasized the toxins in our environment and the necessity of keeping them out of the body.  Please consider what you put on your skin to be inside your body because it is absorbed through the skin.  The skin breathes in and out.  It breathes in by absorbing the products you put on your skin.  The skin breathes out by sweating.  People who do not sweat are at a disadvantage because sweating is an additional way of detoxing.  It is good for you!

We love our lotions and potions but that doesn’t mean they are good for us. Make sure they are free of chemicals that are cancer causing.  In fact, feel free to bring items each time you come see me and I will test them.  For me, that is the easiest way to find if they are ok to use.   Findin products that truly support your health is self-love!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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