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Autism Controversy

This is your opportunity to understand the controversy about vaccines.  And if you are a parent or a grandparent, surely you will take a few minutes to understand the controversy and how it developed about vaccines causing autism. This video is only FREE for a week, so please, do it NOW!

The issue may seem far from you, but every 7 minutes in the US a child is diagnosed with autism.  By 2032, if it continues, 80% of boys will become autistic and one in two children will be autistic.  What does that say about our future?   I am a senior, but there are young people I love who will still be here, God willing, and I want them to have a good life.  How will our society care for these adults who used to be children?  

This video makes the controversy understandable.  Our civilization depends on us understanding this and doing something about it.  

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