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Bone Broth

For years now, bone broth has been a hot topic in the holistic arena.  You may have read about using bone broth for many problems.  It didn’t take long until there were products for sale because, you know, making bone broth isn’t a 5-minute procedure. People have brought bone broths into my office for me to test and I’ve gone to the health food store to test bone broths and frankly, I rarely found one that tested well.  I’ve come to the conclusion bone broth is like many other things:  it is better if you make it yourself.

It is pretty simple if you have a crock pot.  I suggest for those who need to consume bone broth, if you can drink ½ cup a day, you will be doing well.  My number one requirement for bone broth is that the bones be from organic sources as much as possible.  I suggest rotating the bones.  One week make bone broth with the bones of chicken.  The next week, with the bones of beef and the next week, lamb.  You get the picture.

Gather the bones and put in a crock pot and cover with water.  If you have large bones, you might cut them.  Don’t forget to add the juice of a lemon.  You can add celery, carrots, and other vegetables for flavor if you desire.  When the broth is cooked, strain everything out.  Fill pint jars with the broth and let it cool before refrigerating and/or freezing.  You will prefer the taste of your homemade broth!

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