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On Fire!

Colorado is literally on fire!

When our skies are full of smoke, patients come in with the fire flu.  They don’t feel so good and know that it comes from the smoke in the air.

If you remember when Yellowstone was on fire, they took a sample of the air and found that there was mercury in the air.  But how did it get there?

Any metal processing, medical waste, mining gold and incineration of coal are major contributors to the environment.  Don’t forget atmospheric mercury too.  It comes from volcanoes and deposits of mercury.  All of these sources land on the ground.  When it rains, the mercury is taken into the soil where it goes into the roots of the trees.  Over time, the mercury goes into the trees.  When the tree is on fire, the mercury transforms into a gas.  We breathe it.  Scary huh?

With fire flu complaints, the most common finding is mercury.  The body wants something to pull the mercury. Most often it is Camu, Takesumi, or a mineral mix like Trace Mins or Biomins.  If you need help, give me a call.

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