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Colder Weather

I have the best patients! I really do.  I love my Biomat and maybe I have introduced you to the Biomat. Normally I let patients take the Biomat home and try it for about a week to see if they like it. Right now, I have three Biomats out on loan. But they have been gone for a long time! Please bring them back! I have other people wanting to borrow them. I know they will return as I have the best patients!!

And if you haven’t borrowed the Biomat and you don’t have anything in mind for Christmas, it is a wonderful family gift!  But try it out first!  Just give me a call.

We are heading into the holidays as well as colder weather and both create a challenge for our health. If you need me, come now because I will be out of the office for Christmas vacation with my family from December 14-26. Give me a call today!  And enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

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