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Happy Election Day!


Don’t forget to cast your vote.

And speaking of stress, according to Dr. Mercola’s article, referenced at the end of this health tip, 93% of Americans have reported this election is more stressful than any other they have experienced.

 A psychologist said she sees about 22 people a week and 15 of them will mention the election as being stressful during their session. Couples don’t speak for days because of issues related to the election and their opposed views.

 Sounds like it is time to do some deep breathing and take some rescue remedy! Instead of being one single event, the stress has been month after month and our society is psychologically exhausted!

 You can’t do anything right now about the election other than vote your choice, but you can do a few things for stress reduction. Try a couple of simple and easy things like deep breathing, rescue remedy, taking a walk and remember my detox bath. All of these acts will help the nervous system calm down.

My detox bath recipe:

1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide

1/3 cup Epsom salt or sea salt

8 cups of chamomile tea using 2 tea bags

Pour the ingredients in a warm bath (I like very warm) and soak for about 20 minutes. Let the stress melt away with your relaxation!

And remember, focus on things you want in life: love, beauty and connection. By the time you read this, plus 12 hours, the election will be history. It is time to let the body relax and recover from any stress you have felt from this time in our collective history. In relationships, talk about what brings you together instead of your differences, what brings you love and light instead of divisiveness. Life is tough enough without this kind of stress. And, most of all, look at the eyes facing you when you look in the mirror and say, “I love you!”

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