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Don’t Let Them Off The Hook!

Last week I talked about Campbell’s removing GMO’s.  I’m sure people are high-fiving over the win!  Or is it a win?  Sometimes we will be suckered by a nice gesture when in fact the other ingredients in their goods might be hazardous to your health.  If you actually write letters to food makers, make sure you look at all of the ingredients.  They might, for good publicity, take GMO’s out of a product, but does it have MSG?  Or the equally bad aspartame?  And what about the food colorings that are known to be involved with ADHD?  Frankly, for me, I prefer food from the farmer to the table.  Don’t do any processing to the food before I have it in my kitchen.  I call this “clean food.”  It is clean because if anything is added to the food, I will add it and know exactly what it is.  That is important to me.  Let’s eat real food!!  It beats processed food not only in taste, but in health benefits too!


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