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Physiological Responses to Emotions

Many people recognize that their physical complaints have an emotional component to them. Everyone has emotions and they affect us on all levels. How could it be otherwise? If you don’t know what I am talking about, what is blushing? It is a physiological response to emotion. What is having butterflies in your stomach before giving a speech? It is a physiological response to your emotions. If you have been traumatized as a child, it is likely you are run by unknown forces, unknown emotions. That was my experience.   I am creating a web-based program to support people who lost a parent as a child. See my video below, and share it with those in your life who might be interested. Remember, Good Health is Priceless….and that includes emotional health!


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  1. Dr. Elva, I enjoyed watching this video. Very nice job on it. I admire your courage and wisdom, and I know you will help many people who have lost a parent at an early age. Thank you for your work!

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