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Every Little Bit Helps!

When we want to improve our health, we tend to think in big things.

We might consider big things like becoming totally vegan or going to a personal trainer to develop strength.  It is like after New Year’s every year, everyone is going to go on a diet and go to the gym.  But what about making smaller changes that can affect your life?

What about before each meal taking three deep breaths?

What about learning to breathe from the belly?

What about just taking 5 minutes to massage a place on your body that hurts?

What about laughing out loud every day at something?

What about being grateful each day for being here on this beautiful earth?

What about making a salad a part of each day.

What about taking a 20 minute walk each day?

All of these affect your body and mind.  Just select one and instead of saying I will do it every day for the rest of my life, commit to doing it for the rest of this month and then re-evaluate and see if you want to continue.  All of these are beneficial in different ways to helping your body be healthy and balanced.

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