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Have a Happy Face!

I was in Texas this last weekend.  There was a coffee shop that had a wall with all kinds of uplifting sayings printed on it as the decoration.  It was so fun to read them.   They all created a smile on our faces.  They were just cute and usually true.  The whole store was one big smile. 

We could say that is not life.  Life has ups and downs.  And that is true.  However, most of the time, we have a choice.  Right now, I choose to be positive.  I choose to be happy.  I choose to have a smile.  I choose to see the good.  I choose my focus to be on the positive.

With that comes choosing to avoid the negative.  Often, we don’t know something is negative until we read it or hear it or watch it.  Our practice is to constantly be choosing.  Choose good.  Choose smiles.  Choose positive.  Choose people who are positive in your life.  

See if being happy and choosing smiles, joy, goodness will be a firm foundation for better health.

Happy Spring!  ENJOY!

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