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Is Family Trauma Inherited?

I get excited when I run across the next book I love.  Usually, I know immediately when I see a book if I want to read it.  This book is about how family trauma is in inherited.  You will love his case studies because they put you into the flow of what he is talking about.  As I have often said, if a person doesn’t do their own emotional work, they leave it for their children to do.  However, his take is a little different.  It isn’t that the people didn’t do their emotional work, it might be more about their death.  For instance, there were a couple of case studies about the grandchildren of people who were in concentration camps and died there.  And, one about a man who was on a hike in the wilderness, lost his way and froze to death.  How did those circumstances haunt their descendants who had never even met them?  I found the book interesting.  I had never heard of the author, Mark Wolynn, but he is on my radar now. You know me, I’d love to take his workshop!  Click here to see the book.

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