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The Truth About Cancer!

Ty Bollinger has done a terrific job organizing and launching the series, The Truth About Cancer.  You can watch it for free on your computer, but you must sign up for it.  Here is the link:

The Ultimate Live Symposium October 14th-16th

Each part of the series is on for only 24 hours, so be sure to watch as it unfolds.  You can, as I have, buy the series at the end if you can’t catch each episode.  I find the information so valuable.  It isn’t only for you but the others in your life who you love.  Pass the link around.  And, don’t think you have to have cancer to benefit from the series as there are many tidbits of information that you will enjoy.  It is really about health!  Feel free to share the link as we should all know the truth about cancer!  Each person has the right to decide for themselves and we can’t really decide unless we have the information!   ENJOY!

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