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I’ve had many discussions with patients and friends about fluoride.  How could it be bad if your dentist suggests fluoride treatments?  I never expect a person to simply take my word for a statement I make.  My cousin once asked me, “How do I know you are right?”  You don’t.    Do your own homework.  It is exhausting to have to check everything out, isn’t it?  It is especially exhausting when there are so many “government agencies” that stick with the party line, no matter what evidence is contrary.

First, get a sense of how things are in the world.  How many countries follow the guidelines of the United States?  Not many.  For example, I think there are 40 countries that outlaw GMO’s.  They don’t want them.  But instead, we outlaw labeling GMO’s.  Whether you are a GMO fan or not, doesn’t that sound a bit crazy?  If they were so good for all Americans, why wouldn’t you want to label it so people could identify that wonderful food?  Why would they spend billions to keep them from being labeled?  Good question.  And there are countries who have banned the use of fluoride.  They have their reasons.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin.  Neuro means brain.  Toxin means it is bad for it.  You decide.

I remember a book that made a big impact on me when it came out.  It is, ”The Fluoride Deception,” by Christopher Bryson.  That book is a great place to start because it starts at the beginning and gives names, dates and places of what led to adding fluoride to the water.

You might want to look up dental fluorosis.  Some people have white splotches in their teeth and that is because they had too much fluoride when the enamel on their teeth was forming.  Teeth can actually be damaged.

Then there is skeletal fluorosis.  When people have skeletal fluorosis, often looking at an x-ray you don’t know if they have excessive calcium deposits or if it is fluoride.  It looks like arthritis.  And, if bad, it can cause pain and damage to your bones and joints.

So why do we put fluoride in our water and toothpaste?  Oh yeah, it will help the teeth, but do you really want to compromise all of your body, and especially your brain and your skeletal muscles in order to help your teeth?  Brush your teeth instead!  It works.  And flossing makes it even better!

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