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Say No to Cancer!

There is a ground swelling here in the United States and it is a grassroots action.  It is led by Ty Bollinger, and others, to help people fight cancer.  Ty’s mother and father both died at too young of an age of cancer and it set him on a path of seeking understanding of cancer, how to avoid it and, if you have it, how to heal.  It has evolved into an online series called, “The Truth About Cancer.”

And we are fortunate because Ty is giving us another opportunity to learn and it will start October 5.  You need to give them your email and they will then send, for three days, a video for you to watch with the information they want to share.

I think it is a fabulous mission.  We can’t expect the pharmaceutical company to support this work.  It will be a grassroots effort to turn the tide of our health in this country through education.  Ty’s mission is to educate the public about holistic methods of healing cancer and how to avoid it all together.

Sign up for this wonderful series here.  And please share this blogs with your friends who want to also learn to avoid this disease.  And remember, Good Health is Priceless!!

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