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Food or Drugs?

Learn about the health benefits of food.  Why?  Our bodies are made to respond to the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the movements we make and the electromagnetic energies we are around.  Really, it is fascinating.

But that isn’t the only reason.  Let’s be real.  You know the pharm companies and the prices they charge for drugs.  Even though I prefer plants when possible, most people in this country use drugs.  And if you have ever looked at the price tag of those drugs, it will make your head spin.  

Is this sustainable?  Most people say, “Oh well, my insurance company pays for it.”  We, as a collective, are the insurance company.  They don’t have the right to print money, so the money comes from our collective premiums.  When we consider that Alzheimer’s has skyrocketed and that by 2025 it is projected that one in two children born will become autistic, will this model survive?  Here is a view.  What do you think?

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