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Party On!

I may have told you that this year, 2019, is my 30thyear anniversary of starting my practice in the Denver area.

Let’s pretend I’m having a party and invite you! I want you to understand why our health in this country has gone south. Why? So you can spread the word of how everyone can improve their health and happiness.  We meet at a movie theatre and watching this movie.  We have to adapt. It is a virtual movie theater.

Everyone has a great time.  Afterwards, as the party progresses, we discuss:

  1. How he certainly explained diabetes 2.  
  2. He explains what addiction is all about.
  3. I always wondered why so many people are unhappy,
  4. Now we understand why there are so many suicides.
  5. What will really change our health care crisis and how we can get onboard!
  6. Now we understand what social media has to do with it?

I can’t wait to talk to you about this video at your next appointment.

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