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I heard a doctor once say, when you pick a food up to eat, ask yourself, “what is this going to do to my brain?”  That is a good question! You can say the same thing about any part of the body.  “What is this going to do to my heart, or kidneys, or liver?”

It is a good exercise because it makes you conscious of how the foods you are eating are supporting you.  How many times do I put something in my mouth to eat without much thought?  I think, “that looks good.”  But do I consciously consider its effect on me and my body?

A great game to play at the dinner table to teach your children or grandchildren about food is “how will this food help me?”  Carrots for the eyes.  Blueberries for the brain.  Raw red onions to fight cancer cells.  Avocado for heart health. And so forth. As kids become computer literate, “we are having broccoli for dinner. Why don’t you look it up and teach us what it is good for.” Younger kids especially love this kind of conversation at the table. And believe me, they will remember it as they grow older!

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