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Healthcare Prices?

Reading an article full of facts about health care can be eye opening.  The report may be from 2013, but the US spent $750 billion more for health care than other developed countries.  Why?  The price of one Lipitor in the US is the same as three Lipitor in Argentina.  One Plavix in the US is the same price as four Plavix in Spain.  One Nexium in the US is the same price as eight in France.  Sigh…  And other countries like Japan, Australia, and Spain have higher life expectancies for their population than the US does and they spend less per person than the US does.  The article gave prices for certain procedures and the US was always the most expensive.  I personally know someone who had open-heart surgery in Thailand and paid $26,000 for it. His cardiologist was ranked the best in the world. How much do you think that surgery would cost in the US?

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