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To Label or Not to Label? That Is the Question!

The Dark Act was defeated in Congress.  It was referred to as the Dark Act because it wanted to “make dark” to the citizens of the US what is in your food.  It was defeated!  YEAH!!  Do you want to know what is in your food?  If they think GMO’s are so good for you, why wouldn’t they want to label everything that had them and we would finally see the truth and demand GMO’s.  If we put a shirt on our body, we get to know where it was made and what kind of cloth it is, but we don’t get the same information about what we put in our body?  Just to let you know, they aren’t through with us yet.  They have done a test vote to see if the congressmen would like to bring the Dark Act back up for discussion.  SIGH!  The people have spoken, but our congressmen don’t seem to care.  In Colorado, Congressman Bennett and Gardner both voted to have new discussions.  Why?  Well, let’s just say that they get much money from the agricultural industry.  In fact, it was reported that Congressmen that voted to have discussions about it received a total of $58,991,192 from the agricultural industry.  That averaged out to $867,518 per Congressmen.  Those who voted against bringing talks back were given a total of $10,175,439 in aggregate with $350,877 being the average.  Both Congressmen from Colorado voted for more talks.  Call your Congressman and tell them to allow us to know what is in our food.  And Congressman Bennett has received $473,397 from the agricultural industry while Congressman Gardner received  $946,349.  That could influence anyone.  These facts were taken from the Organic Consumers Association.  Let your voice be heard!!


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