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Heart Attacks

What do you think causes heart attacks?

I love it when other doctors write articles,  agreeing with me.  This article makes me glad I am practicing just as I do.  I help people banish organisms like bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungus from the body.  And I do the NET for emotional issues your body hasn’t resolved yet.

If you have been my patient for years, we may have talked, even at length, about cholesterol and how it is not the cause of heart attacks.  This medical doctor agrees.  He wrote the article in 2010 and since then, there have been more and more studies that prove what the two of us have been saying.  There was proof all along.  At this point, any doctor that thinks otherwise is behind the research curve.  But from what my patients tell me, many are still pushing cholesterol lowering medications.

Why do I like helping people get rid of infection?  In the article, he says, “There is also growing evidence that atherosclerosis is a response to inflammation that is initiated by infections.”  If you don’t want atherosclerosis, make sure your body is as clean on the inside as on the outside!

And, you know how I love the NET, NeuroEmotional Technique.  This doctor says, “In regards to anger, the greatest risk is for those who can’t ‘get it off their chest’, and literally as well as figuratively, ‘take it to heart’.”  If you had rather have some emotional work done than to have a heart attack, come on in!  Obviously, that isn’t everyone’s problem, but it doesn’t hurt to have it checked out.

And, of course, I love to help with the typical sore neck, back or other body part.  I am the luckiest person to get to serve people like you!



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