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Spring Brings Allergies!

And if you have allergies, spring can bring sneezing, watering eyes, itching eyes, headaches and even coughing.  Products I carry in the office that work well if you have allergies are Sinuplex, HMC, and an allergy homeopathic.  If you have allergies and haven’t tried these products as single remedies or as a group, please consider them as having allergies is hard on your immune system.  That is why I try not to be around cats as they will stress my immune system.

Spring time of the year is liver time of the year.  We need to do what we can to give liver support.  The best thing to do is to eat clean food.  Not pesticides.  No chemicals.  You know the drill, but doing it is the trick!

I learned some years ago that I do better, allergy wise, when I keep my house closed.  That way the allergens don’t come inside my house.  I don’t leave the doors closed all the time, but very near it.

A good HEPA filter can help rid your house of allergens.  I have three filters going most of the time.  I remember hearing about a study where they said miscarriages could be determined by how close to a major road you lived.

There are so many contaminates now that each one counts.  We want to decrease our total load of stresses in the body.  We do this by eating correctly and filtering our air and our water!

Enjoy spring!

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