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Holiday Cheer!

Happy Holidays!  From now until the new year, it is all about being thankful and giving to others.

When I was a kid, Christmas was magical at our house.  Santa Clause was very giving to me.  I loved the magic.  Santa went to all little girls and boys around the world, as long as they were good.  Right?

I was so sheltered.  I had no idea of the real world and how so many children didn’t have a wonderful Christmas.  My family loves Christmas and I hope, the children in the family, still have that gleam of magic in their eye.

But it isn’t that way for everyone.  I have a friend who teaches at Warren Village.  She teaches the three year olds.  There are 6 boys and 6 girls.  I’ve heard how the children often don’t have appropriate clothes, some might be homeless, financially strapped, typically one parent and typically lots of issues.  What does that mean for the children?   Often their needs are not met.

For this holiday, our office has adopted this class.  We would like to get each child something they can use and something they would like.  I have a list of children and what they need.  If you would like to give something to support these children, it will make a difference in their life.  The gifts can be lightly used.  The gifts will be given to the teacher who will see that these children have a Christmas!

Here is a list of needed items.  We all have things we don’t use.  If you can add to their Christmas, that would be great.  You may have things that have been lightly used that these children would LOVE!

Here are items you can bring to the office to add to their Christmas.

art stuff,


Size 9 girl shoes,

4T girl clothes.

baseball and super heroes items

Size 9 boy shoes,

3T  boy clothes.

Barbie’s dolls

5T girl clothes.



Size 11 boy shoes,

4 T boy clothes.


Size 10 boy shoes,

new socks

boys winter coat, size 3


Size 8 girl shoes,

Peppa Pig,

Size 9 girl shoes,


Just bring anything you have that is age appropriate, whether it is on the list or not, to the office and we will make sure these children have a Christmas!


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