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Protecting the GIRLS!

Have you ever considered that the bra a woman selects could make a difference in her health?

The lymphatic system in the body keeps the fluids moving.  I have the mental picture of my Granny sweeping the floors with a broom.  That broom pushed along any crumbs that had been dropped or leaves we brought into the kitchen on our shoes.  I think of the lymphatic system as the broom, pushing the fluids along in the body.  Any kind of exercise and muscle contraction brings the fluids to the area to be swept.

If you wear a bra with an underwire, you can imagine that underwire is like a closed door.  It is snug and the lymphatic just can’t flow through.  The normal cleaning in the body, the broom, is idle.  It would be one thing if you wore an underwire bra for a few hours, but most women put their bra on in the morning and it doesn’t come off until the evening.  That is a long time for the fluids to be stuck in one area.

I have made this suggestion to women for many years, but the underwires have become so popular that it takes work to find bras without them.  One day about 10 years ago, I was watching television and there was a short segment with a medical doctor giving health tips.  He too was saying, you don’t want to wear an underwire bra, for exactly the same reasons.

If you think about it, we really want the fluids to flow in the body as it is the way to get rid of the trash.  When fluids are held within an area and a lining develops, we call it a cyst.  When toxicity is encompassed in an area, we call it a tumor.  Just saying….take care of the girls!

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